Implant Dentures

Implants are tooth replacements. Dental implants are medically pure titanium devices that are planted into the jawbone. They act as a stable and reliable anchor to provide a solid base for artificial tooth placement. Implants can secure from one tooth (crown) to several teeth and act as an anchor for upper or lower dentures.

Approximately 21% of all Canadians are completely or partially edentulous, that is, missing some or all of their teeth. This is a common condition.

Implants can be surgically placed for most patients that are in reasonable health who want to replace missing teeth or anchor their dentures. This procedure benefits those who are dissatisfied with loose dentures who would like to eat better and with more comfort as well as those who would like to smile more frequently and feel more secure when they laugh and talk. Age should not be a deterrent.

Dental implants are usually performed under local anesthesia by a dental surgeon specializing in implantology. The Denturist will fit dentures on the implants to provide stability, increased chewing force, reduced tissue irritations and decreased bone loss. Patients who have opted for dental implants often remark how comfortable the implant dentures feel.

If you would like more information about dental implants, contact the Main Street Denture Clinic. The Denturist works closely with the rest of the dental care team to provide you with the best possible results. Please email or call the office closest to you for your complimentary consultation.